Article in Formation 3d France

3D printing is increasingly used by building professionals. Resins, which are widely used today, are excellent materials for 3D printing of models, for example. However, it is now possible to go further, in particular by mobilizing 3D printing for direct construction needs. All over the world, we see buildings of all kinds coming out of the ground in the space of a few weeks thanks to these technologies.

As recently as October 2019, the first house in France was entirely printed in concrete by the Valencian company Constructions-3D, while Dubai gave birth, thanks to the same process, to an administrative building of 640m²… And these constructions are not neither isolated nor experimental. Concrete printing technologies for large structures took off in 2019, and the companies positioned in the sector are as dynamic as they are numerous. Among them, Xtreee, Cybe, ABB Robotics, PrintStones, Betabram… An outpouring which foreshadows yet more feats for 2020! In any case, this is the F3DF prognosis in this area.